Sunday, 21 July 2013


Getting excited about my visit to Edinburgh. Have already a very nice schedule shaping up so I advice people to book early. I like to give my clients 100% so I do not see one after another. Fans of this blog will understand that even a horny sex addict like myself cannot perform like a machine.

I have had an interesting week. Went for my health check and ended up chatting to the doctor about my writing, which was interesting. I also discovered that you now have to do your own anal swab. This is now done with a long cotton bud which is designed to break in half so that it can fit in the bottle to be sent off for testing. The reason I mention this is that my lady doctor burst out giggling while telling me not to insert it too far. Apparently she had several patients who have inserted the stick up their arse too far and it had broke and she then had to retrieve the stick manually. I could not help wonder why they don't just do it themselves. Having a few doctors as clients I suspect many will miss the opportunity to check out and probe a few tight arseholes. My own health check thankfully was fine. I can officially carry on licking the arseholes and sucking the cocks of my married clientèle safely for the foreseeable future.

One especially entertaining appointment this week involved a young gentleman who turned out to be very subtle and slim with a tight pair of arse cheeks that I was desperate to spread so that I could gobble his man cunt. He emerged from the shower already rock hard which is always a good sign. He was not too big in cock size, but a nice size, the size that is just right to slip down your throat. He had the sort of ball sack however that I fantasize about, loose and low hanging.

He lay face down on the masage couch and I began to massage his back and of course my fingers found their way down the crack of his arse to tease and probe his hairless little cunt. It was not long before he was moaning and lifting his arse off the table to allow me better access. I remember he looked back with the sweetest doe eyes just before I plunged between the cheeks of his arse and began to eat at his sweet tasting little tight cunt. He was now rock hard and his cocks eye was moist and wet with pre cum. With little effort he slipped onto his knees on the massage table and I was able to milk his rock hard cock and lick and suck on his gorgeous balls, while all the time eyeing up his arshole which was wet from my saliva and was winking at me, distracting my attention. I was greedy, so reluctantly dropping his balls out of my mouth I returned to eating his man cunt, shoving my wet, hot tongue deep between his cunt lips. The dirty bastard was moaning and groaning like a bitch on heat and so I indicated he might want to move to the bedroom to finish off.

On the bed I pushed his legs back around his ears while I squatted over his face so that he had a full view of my arsehole and balls. I naturally brought my arsehole close enough so that he could give it a good clean with his hot little tongue. While he was licking my arsehole I was fingering and stretching his puckered arsehole to make it ready to take my cock. When I thought he was stretched and moist enough I pulled him even further back, so that his cock was directly his mouth, and then I slid my cock deep into his arse. I then began to fuck him while he stroked my balls and fingered my arsehole. I fucked him hard and soon I heard him moan loudly and then I felt his arse ring grip my cock shaft in spasms as he unloaded his balls, shooting a load of hot ball cream over his own face.

After a few more strokes I slipped my cock out of his arse. His face was covered in hot man cream but he was still fucking horny, so kneeling over him so that he could gobble on my arsehole, I quickly stroked myself off and squirted my own ball load over his face to join his own load of spunk. You would have thought he had had a can of squirt cream emptied over his face. He was covered in sticky white thick spunk but he seemed to be very happy by the way he was licking the thick spunk off his lips.

He was my dirty fuck par excellence this week. I only wish I had wanted a piss, that would have been a perfect ending, to washed the thick spunk off his face with some hot man piss...still perhaps next time.

This week I have had no one to piss on me....where are my nice piss guys...NOT HAPPY. I hope Edinburgh guys live up to their reputation.
Prices..I have a nice apartment so prices are as follows:

Quickie..that is basically 15 min hand/oral £30

For massage and everything else the prices are:

Half hour is £50
Forty five minutes is £60
An hour is £70

Subsequent half hours or part of are £30

These prices of course include everything that can be done in the time allowed to indulge every pervy fantasy, I like to be impressed.

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