Wednesday, 26 January 2022

A Belated Happy New Year.

 A belated happy New Year. It has been a busy January with lots of new clients and younger clients anxious to try the delights of an erotic massage. Sadly, whenever there is a new selection of clients, you always get a few time wasters, which is just a sad fact  of life. I had one who thought I was charging too much and one who refused to wash, so I naturally refused to go ahead with the appointment. As my clients know, the massage and the fun is very intimate and if someone is afraid of soap and water, well, I am sorry, there will be no appointment. 

You do meet lots of interesting people in this job and find yourself in interesting situations. I was delighted to meet a new client recently who is a fan of the blog and booked a half hour appointment. He was a young guy, good looking with a nice body and a good size cock, but more importantly, he had a very nice arse with a hole that screamed rim me, which naturally I was happy to do.  Nothing is as nice as licking a tight little arsehole that was begging for a cock. He assured me he regularly frigged himself using four fingers, which, having urged him to assume a kneeling position, I tested with a thumb and then two fingers, and yes, he was tight, but also very obliging and it was delightful watching his arsehole devour my fingers as they slipped deep into his anus, making him moan with delight as I stroked his cock while frigging his happy, tight, elastic arsehole. Naturally it was going to progress to a good fuck and before long he was kneeling on the bed, arse in the air and my cock buried deep in his arse. He was a tight fuck, his arsehole muscles gripping my cock as it slipped in and out. I heard him ask me to withdraw and spunk in his mouth, but unusually for me I came very quickly, so he missed out on tasting my spunk. Slipping my cock out of his arse however I quickly cleaned myself and taking his cock in my mouth I slipped two fingers deep into his arsehole and frigged his gaping anus while sucking on his cock until I was rewarded with jets of creamy sperm shooting into my open mouth, I love my job. 

So hopefully, now that life appears to be returning to normal, I hope to be welcoming lots of new clients as well as my regulars and to be having lots of fun servicing their delightful kinks and perversions and perhaps some of my own, fingers crossed. 

I am still offering the popular wank chat service and I am available for appointments between 11am and  6pm and can work until 8pm most days, but only if you book before 6pm. As my clients know, I do not see client after client but restrict clients to no more than 3 per day and usually only one to two per day. I like to enjoy the appointment as much as the client. Remember that I do wank-chat most evenings until 10pm.

I am still working on the new book. I know it is taking forever to finish, but for an excuse I have to say that between being busy and family stuff, it has not been easy finding the time to write and this time it is not memoirs but a work of fiction with historical details I want to get right. Yes, it is very dirty book, full of lusty sex scenes, gay, straight and bi, which I hope will become another erotic classic. This is why I want it to be right, so please have patience.

So take care and if you wish to book an appointment or book a wank-chat, then give me a call on 07517 69 75 69

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